Prof. Dr. Balogh Judit történész


Judit Balogh

Curriculum Vitae


1986-1991: KLTE BTK Hungarian language and literature, history teacher 5321/1991 B.

1994: PhD Student DE BTK

Scientific degrees:

2001 PhD DE2/2002. PhD

2008 Habilitation DE 1/2009. Foam.

Workplaces, Posts:

1992.09.01 University of Miskolc BTK-Assistant professor

2001.11.01 University of Debrecen-PhD defence

2002.09.01 University of Miskolc BTK-Assistant professor

2011.12.01 University of Miskolc BTK-Associate professor

2014.05.01 University of Miskolc BTK-Head of department, Associate professor

2015.01.01 Károly Eszterházy College, BTK-Associate professor

The Associate Professor 2016.06.30 Eszterházy Károly University, BTK

University Professor 2019.09.01 Eszterházy Károly University, BMK

Research area:

Early Modern social history

History of Reformation in Hungary, with particular reference to Puritanism

History of the Transylvanian principality

Social history

Research programmes for scientific scholarships and tenders:

1991.10.01-1992.03.31 Soros Scholarship to a year-long doctoral scholarship for half a year in Cluj-Napoca: The Szekler Noble Society

1998.06.01-1998.08.31 Soros Scholarship: The formation of the Szekler Noble Society

2002.09.01-2003.03.31 of Miskolc City Scholarship

2003.09.01 – 2006.08.31 György Békéssy Postdoctoral Scholarship      

2006.09.01-31.12.2006 of Miskolc City Scholarship

2006.09.01-2009.08.31 János Bolyai Research Scholarship

2010.02.01-2013.01.31 Otka Competition-lead researcher in the Early Modern Szekler society and self-study in Transylvania (1530-1630). K-82048

2010.09.01-2013.08.31 János Bolyai Research Scholarship: The change of the Szekler elite in the 17th Century

2012.07.01 Scholarship of Miskolc City 3 months

2013.11.01-2014.08.31 Szentágothai János Scholarship for experienced Researched

2014.01.01-2017.12.31 Otka Contest-member representation and material culture in the 17th Century in the Transylvanian palatial courts. K-108744

2016.10.01-2017.02.28 Reb-16-1-research-0017 The political role of the Transylvanian Reformed elite in the 17th century, especially in view of Mihály Apafi

Honors, professional Awards

30 April 2003 University of Miskolc BTK Jubilee Memorial Card

2003 November 05. Miskolc Regional Committee-Scientific prize

2009, 2014: Final qualification of two Bolyai János Research scholarship: Outstanding

Editorial board of the Hungarian and International journal

Church History Review, International referred Journal: founding editor